Azunia Platinum Blanco Tequila

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Manufacturer's Notes: Azunia Tequila Is A Premium Brand Built On Passion, Adventure And The Excitement Of Life Experiences. Life Is About Capturing Irreplaceable Moments In Time And Celebrating Those Moments With Family And Friends. Azunia Tequila Encourages You To Make Every Day Count And Live Life To The Fullest! Azunia's Weber Blue Agave Plants Are Harvested In The Heart Of Mexico In The Richest Soil And Matured In The Splendor Of The Warm Desert Sun. Our Plants Are Hand Picked And Slow Roasted In Traditional Clay Ovens Which Give Our Tequila A Sensual Taste Pleasing To The Palate. Jim Riley, Founder And Bill Walton, Partner Would Like To Salute You For Selecting Our Tequila And Offer Our Desire For You To Enjoy Azunia And Embrace The Adventures Life Has In Store For You. "Structure. Discipline. Perseverance. Luck. The Team. A Plan. The Dream. In Mega-doses." -bill Walton, Nba Hall Of Fame Legend