Crown Royal Golden Apple Limited Edition Canadian Whiskey

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Dive headfirst into the unique profile of Crown Royal Golden Apple Whisky 23-Year-Old. This is a one-of-a-kind blend that harmonizes traditional craftsmanship with the lively flavors of Golden Delicious Apples. The creation of this blend has been a journey of love and precision, with every step taken over two decades, all to capture the perfect balance. When the first Crown Royal whisky was born, it brought together 50 fantastic whiskies into one majestic blend. This was housed in an elegant glass bottle, draped with a royal purple robe, a respectful nod to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth's visit to Canada in 1939. Reflecting Canadian spirit and commitment, the bottle was even carried on the Royal train. Fast forward to today, and Crown Royal continues to shine as the pinnacle of Canadian whisky, adored for its silky smooth taste and refined style, which reflects its roots. The Crown Royal Golden Apple Whisky 23-Year-Old adds an exciting twist to the family by incorporating Golden Delicious Apple flavors into its aged whiskies. This delightful infusion makes it an exceptional and highly coveted addition to the Crown Royal lineage. So, sit back, enjoy a glass of this remarkable blend, and toast to the rich and royal heritage of Crown Royal.