Gancia Americano Aperitivo

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Gancia Americano is a wine-based apertif that has been popular in Italy since 1950. Made by combining concentrations of herbs such as wormwood, sandalwood, and bitter orange with young wine, it is traditionally served before meals as an aperitif. Makes a refreshing spritz when combined with Prosecco or can be enjoyed on its own over ice. About Gancia--Italy's First Sparkling Wine. In 1850, the Gancia family founded their winery surrounded by their beautiful vineyards in Canelli, Piedmont. It was there that Carlo Gancia produced the first Italian sparkling wine, applying the techniques he had learned in Champagne, France.
By 1870, Gancia was an official supplier to the Royal House of Savoy. A distinctive feature of our winery is our cellars--also called Underground Cathedrals for their incredibly beautiful architecture. Dug out of tufo soil, they maintain the cool steady temperatures perfect for making and storing wine.