Hardin's Creek Jacob's Well Release No. 1 Whiskey

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The Hardin's Creek Release No.1 Jacob's Well is a distinctive and carefully crafted whiskey that pays tribute to the pioneering spirit of the Beam family legacy. It is not just a blend of ultra-aged high-corn and high-rye mashbills, but an embodiment of tradition and innovation in whiskey making.

Color: The whiskey boasts a rich amber hue accented with burgundy highlights, suggesting depth and complexity derived from its aging process.

Palate: The palate features forward notes of oak and char, which are beautifully married with the flavors of stone fruits. This combination provides a robust and rounded taste profile that speaks to the quality of the whiskey.

Nose: On the nose, it exudes sweet vanilla and caramel scents, underpinned by hints of rich oak. This aroma profile is inviting and indicative of a well-crafted spirit.

Finish: The finish of Jacob's Well is smooth, leaving lingering notes of vanilla and brown sweets on the palate. This creates a memorable and satisfying conclusion to the tasting experience.