Hennessy V.S. 50Yrs Of Hip Hop, White and VSOP Bundle

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Celebrating the rich tapestry of hip hop's influence over the past five decades, Hennessy presents a unique bundle that not only pays homage to the genre but also showcases the brand's versatility and commitment to excellence.

Hennessy V.S. 50Yrs Of Hip Hop: A special edition that commemorates the symbiotic relationship between hip hop and Hennessy. The bottle design is a nod to the golden era of hip-hop, with intricate detailing and artwork that captures the essence of the genre. On the palate, this V.S. offers the classic Hennessy notes of toasted oak, vanilla, and wild berries, but with an added layer of complexity - perhaps a hint of the raw energy and passion that defines hip hop.

Hennessy White (Pure White): A lighter, fresher expression of Hennessy that's not typically available in all markets. Its clear, bright appearance is a prelude to its delicate floral and fruit aromas. On the palate, it's smooth with a hint of sweetness, making it perfect for cocktails or sipping on a warm day. Notes of citrus, honey, and fresh grapes are evident, making it a delightful contrast to the more robust V.S. and VSOP.

Hennessy VSOP: A well-balanced cognac with a harmonious blend of maturity and vivacity. The nose offers a symphony of spices, vanilla, and cinnamon, intertwined with subtle toasted notes. The palate is full-bodied and robust, revealing a delightful balance of flavors, from the warmth of toasted nuts to the gentle acidity of fresh citrus fruits. The finish is long-lasting and smooth, a testament to the eaux-de-vie's aging process.