Orphan Barrel Castle's Curse 14 Year Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Orphan Barrel's Castle's Curse 14 Year Whisky masterfully combines traditional craftsmanship with a narrative flair. Matured for an impressive 14 years, this whisky is rich in tales and traditions, presenting a flavor profile that is as intriguing as the stories it tells.

Nose: The scent captivates with pronounced notes of sun-dried fruits, especially apricots and figs. Beneath this lies a gentle sweetness akin to brown sugar, complemented by hints of seasoned oak and delicate floral traces. As you explore further, a soft echo of peat smoke emerges, reminiscent of ancient legends.

Palate: Upon tasting, a luxurious, velvety sensation envelops the palate. It bursts forth with flavors of ripe cherries and plums, accompanied by a medley of spices, including cloves, black pepper, and a touch of cinnamon. The middle notes introduce a pleasing nutty character, evoking thoughts of almonds and walnuts, harmoniously paired with hints of honey and vanilla.

Finish: The concluding notes are extended, resonant, and carry a hint of smoke. They leave an aftertaste of rich dark chocolate, a dash of espresso, and a sprinkle of salted caramel. The gentle smokiness lingers, akin to a whispered secret, adding depth and allure to the finale.