Traveller Blend No. 40, Buffalo Trace and Bourbon Cream 3 Pack Bundle

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  1. Traveller Blend No. 40: This blended whiskey is a collaborative effort between Buffalo Trace Distillery and Chris Stapleton. It's known for its complex flavors that include vanilla, caramel, oak, and a touch of sweetness followed by spice and toasted nuts. It stands out for its craftsmanship and the celebrity involvement in its creation.

  2. Buffalo Trace: This is the flagship bourbon of the Buffalo Trace Distillery. It's a versatile and well-balanced bourbon, known for its rich and complex flavors, including notes of vanilla, caramel, and a touch of spice. It's a favorite among bourbon enthusiasts for both sipping neat and in cocktails.

  3. Bourbon Cream: This is a liqueur that combines bourbon with cream, resulting in a rich and sweet beverage that's often enjoyed on its own, over ice, or in coffee. It's a unique offering that provides a different experience compared to traditional whiskies, adding a creamy and decadent dimension to the bundle.

Together, these three products offer a comprehensive experience of the Buffalo Trace Distillery's range. You have the premium and unique Traveller Blend No. 40, the classic and reliable Buffalo Trace bourbon, and the sweet, indulgent Bourbon Cream, providing a well-rounded exploration of different whiskey profiles and styles. This bundle would be an excellent choice for both whiskey enthusiasts and those looking to explore the diverse world of whiskey and whiskey-based beverages.

    Traveller Whiskey is crafted to be a companion in moments of conviviality and enjoyment. It's a whiskey that is effortlessly enjoyable, yet hard to forget, ideal for savoring neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation of a refined cocktail. Experience the unique blend of artistry and craftsmanship that Traveller Whiskey brings to every occasion.