Whipshots Vodka Infused Caramel Whipped Cream by Cardi B

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Indulge in the enticing blend of sweet, buttery, and caramel notes in our lavish whipped cream, all infused with ultra-premium vodka.

Key Features:

  • Infused with natural flavors
  • Shelf-stable, no refrigeration necessary
  • Contains 10% alcohol by volume

Imagine this: Vodka. Whipped. Cream. Sounds like an unforgettably indulgent experience, right? And this delectable luxury is brought to you by none other than the glamorous superstar, Cardi B.

Whipshots is here to inject a playful burst of sophistication into your evening or simply help you immerse in the most luxurious moments.

Available in three enticing flavors - vanilla, caramel, and mocha, Whipshots are neatly packed in sleek, chic cans, making them your perfect travel companions. Ignite your curiosity and keep up with Whipshots on social media for all the scrumptious updates, plus exclusive content from Cardi B.