Whipshots Vodka Infused Mocha Whipped Cream by Cardi B

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Indulge your senses with the robust flavors of coffee and cocoa intertwined in our decadent whipped cream, all blended with ultra-premium vodka.

Key Features:

  • Made with natural flavors
  • Shelf-stable, no refrigeration required
  • Contains 10% alcohol by volume

Picture this: Vodka. Whipped. Cream. Intriguing and decadent, right? And this luxurious concoction is presented to you by none other than the queen of luxury herself, Cardi B.

Introducing Whipshots, designed to add a playful dash of sophistication to your night or to help you bask in the sheer luxuriousness.

Available in three delightful flavors - vanilla, caramel, and mocha, Whipshots are packaged in sleek, fashionable cans that are perfect for on-the-go celebrations. So why not indulge your curiosity? Follow Whipshots on social media for all the enticing details and exclusive Cardi B content.